Yoga Nidra Meditation (by donation)

29dec13:0014:00Yoga Nidra Meditation (by donation)


29.12.2023 13:00 - 14:00


Orion Healing Center ( Detox & Yoga ) Koh Phangan

Orion Healing Center ( Detox & Yoga ) Koh Phangan

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Yoga Nidra is both a profoundly spiritual, as well as a proven therapeutic practice!

Do you feel that drop in energy during the afternoon? Then come for some deliberate decompression- bring your brain and your body into states of deeply healing relaxation! Then you can lean back into your day in a more focused and blissful way.

Turn away from the manyfold external distractions, make the time to reconnect with your body, and ultimately, every layer of your being— all the way to your essential nature as boundless consciousness, the bliss supreme of the soul!

????️ Soothing guided meditation in blissfully long shavasana

????️ Proven to support replenishment of Dopamine levels

????️ Train your body how to calm the nervous system. This makes the relaxation response easier to access and improves sleep.

????️ Didn’t have the best sleep? Burnout? Restart your day feeling blissfully rested, harmoniously balanced and intentionally present. (1 hour of Yoga Nidra = 4 hours sleep).

????️ Restore, Expand, Manifest, Heal.

????By voluntary donation

“Therefore, realise with a still mind your own true nature, which is the one pure, undivided consciousness underlying the restless mind which is composed of the whole universe in all its diversity. Realise, with a still mind, the state between sleep and wakefulness…this is the real Self, inherent in which, one is no longer deluded.” Tripura Rahsaya

Student feedback:

“…but then you have this soothening calm tone and attitude which translates in your voice and sets the right scene…Which led to this wonderful experience where I was oscillating between being awake and asleep almost at the same time. Afterwards I felt so energetic as if I have taking a longer nap… All in all a wonderful experience.” Cris

“An amazing, truly profound experience that took me to the core of my being” B