Yin Yoga - meditation and essential oils

11nov17:0020:00Yin Yoga - meditation and essential oils


(Saturday) 17:00 - 20:00


Rasaruna Life Centre

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Yin yoga is a form of yoga that works into the fascia and muscular tissues by practicing long relaxed passive holds in yoga postures.

This slow style of yoga has Taoist roots and is said to activate the flow of chi.

In comparison to flow-based styles of yoga, Yin yoga is the polar opposite – stable and unmoving.
Flow-based styles of yoga are considered to be Yang because the body is ever-changing and moving.

Yin yoga works on connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, and fascia), while Yang styles work on muscles.

For many of us, coming into stillness can be quite an ambitious undertaking. As we try to multitask in every moment of every day, to just be still can be the most challenging task of them all.

So there is that mental factor that makes Yin yoga hard or challenging. But another factor is the physical feelings we are faced with and must work through while marinating in Yin yoga postures for the long holds that define Yin yoga.

Oftentimes Yin yoga works into our most troubled areas that have become extremely tight and stiff over time due to lifestyle, such as sitting at a desk all day or poor habitual postural habits.

In fact, many might say Yin yoga is the hardest style of yoga out there, which may be contradictory to what many of us first might think when we consider styles like Power yoga.

For many reasons, Yin yoga challenges even the most hardcore Vinyasa yogi. For one, sitting in a posture without the distraction of technology might be harder than it sounds!

Yin yoga will oftentimes incorporate yoga props into the practice, making the physical practice feel less demanding on the body by supporting the muscles.

Languages ​​spoken: Italian, German, English

Yin Yoga meditative with Annette
(Certified Yin yoga teacher)

Every Saturday

5.00pm – 6.00 pm

Rasaruna Life Centre
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