Vinyasa Yoga / Open Heart Happy Hips

04dec09:3010:30Vinyasa Yoga / Open Heart Happy Hips


04.12.2023 09:30 - 10:30


Yoga Retreat Koh Phangan

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Vinyasa Flow /Open Heart Happy Hips

We will be doing a class where we will focus on heart-opening and hip-opening poses, and at the end of the class, we will feel soft as a result of physical opening, relaxation and stretching.

I guide you to bring your mind to connect to your body by observing all sensations in your body felling in your mind, and your breath when we are practicing asanas.

Spiritual stuckness and emotional disturbances can cause various diseases in the body. The body is like a reflection of the emotional and mental state. In emotional situations such as stress, anxiety, anger and resentment, the body becomes more rigid, tense and susceptible to diseases. At such moments, the ribcage begins to close and the shoulders begin to turn inwards.

Backbends (also known as heart-opening poses) are poses in which we open our ribcage outwards and bend our spine backwards. These poses affect the energetic heart field.

Heart-opening yoga poses are about expanding and opening oneself safely to the world. Unlike forward bending poses, the “yang” state is dominant in chest-opening poses.

Our spine opens backwards, as our chest cage expands, it makes room for the new, and we become extroverted by accepting what is.

The hips are mentioned as the area where emotions accumulate. When we experience emotional distress or our perspective on life is more limited, the hips may also tend to close.

After practicing hip-opening yoga postures, we feel relief and comfort in the body. However, as soon as we practice the pose, our hip joint, the bones in that area, our hip and leg muscles, and our groin will be affected.

As we do hip-opening poses, which can especially trigger our emotions such as anger and resentment, these emotions are revealed and as we stay in the pose, we experience transforming that pain. The key to staying safely in hip-opening poses is to be patient, to soften the strain, and to set physical and mental limits.

About Facilitator: Merve has been teaching different types of yoga as vinyasa, power, hatha, yin yoga for 8 years. She has ten years prior experience in personal yoga practice, in 2015, she received 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training and in 2022 she received another 200 TTC in different style. Since then, she been teaching at several places.

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We have mats and props available.

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10.00 pm – 11:15 pm.

Energy Exchange: 300 thb