Travel into Love. New Year Tantra Massage Course.week one

03jan(jan 3)11:0008(jan 8)19:00Travel into Love. New Year Tantra Massage Course.week one


3 (Wednesday) 11:00 - 8 (Monday) 19:00


Tantra Movement

Event Details

I hope this may be the best way of starting and celebrating the New Year for some of us!

“Travel into Love” is the first week of two weeks of the “Travel into Love and Intimacy – Tantra Massage Course.”

It’s designed to celebrate the New year and empower the beginning of your whole life.


The Course includes 6 different themes and workshops that we will work on each day:

1 The Magic of Tantric Massage – Introduction Evening
2 Ocean Massage / Tantric Massage within a Relationship
3 Kashmiri Tandava Dance Massage Workshop
4 Ecstatic Dance with Tantra
5 De-armouring, De-blocking Massage
6 Awakening the Senses Ceremony with Cacao and Closing

Tantric Massage:
Tantra Massage generates a deep flow of energy, promoting connection on many levels between sexuality, love, and spirituality, as well as between giver and receiver. It can bring deep healing and lift you into a state where you experience a deep connection to yourself, your life, and your partner.

What you can learn:
We will practice different kinds of massages, touches, energies, and intuitive techniques and work on an energetic level during the course.

Besides, you will learn effective exercises with which you can improve your love relationship. Feel in the Shiva and Shakti energy and experience both the role of the giver and receiver. Integrate your physicality and sexuality into your spiritual path.

Dissolve blockages and bring healing in your love and sexuality to enjoy life more. Feel hidden emotions that come up through our intensive bodywork.

Work on accepting yourself, your body, and all its parts and feelings. Feel more love in your heart – to yourself, your partner, and your environment.

Singles and Couples:
We offer our course for couples as well as singles who are willing to work together with another partner.

Our course is especially great for couples since couples always work together in our course to improve and strengthen their relationship.

Most important is the connection and bringing you and your partner into the state of energetic merging. If you achieve that, everything will flow!

Communicating boundaries:
It is our priority to respect the boundaries of the individual participants. In every exercise, we encourage you to perceive your limits and articulate and express them clearly, as this can be a healing experience.

If you are fully aware of your limits, you can also make progress outside your comfort zone. We welcome every willingness and openness to take a step into the unknown.

Deep sexual pleasure may occur too. In Tantra, we welcome sexual energy. Yes, we transform it into sacred and creative power, by keeping it in, instead of releasing and losing it. We bring that energy, called ecstasy, into the higher levels of our beings like to –
– the heart, that you will become more loving
– the throat that your communication will improve
– to the head that you will become more creative or spiritual

Course structure:
“Travel into Love” is the first week of two weeks of “Travel into Love and Intimacy – Tantra Massage Course.” The second week, “Travel into Intimacy,” will be more advanced and intimate.

The first week “Travel into Love,” is a beautiful experience and practice of Tantric Massage techniques in itself. It is also the basis for creating the trust, love, and experience to proceed to the second week, 💜 “Travel into Intimacy”.

After completing the whole Course “Journey of Love and Intimacy – Tantra Massage,” you will receive a Certificate to accomplish the Tantra Movement Tantra Massage Level.

Check here for more details:
Michal Kali Griks

Costs / Contribution:

Early bird ( 3 months before the course )

Travel into Intimacy
Single 550 USD
Couple 900 USD

The whole course “Travel into Love and Intimacy – Tantra Massage.”
Single 950 USD
Couple 1600 USD

Normal price:

Travel into Intimacy
Single 650 USD
Couple 1000 USD

Whole course “Travel into Love and Intimacy – Tantra Massage”
Single 1150 USD
Couple 1800 USD

Healthy, delicious vegan food during breaks is included in the price.

Additional optional residency costs for single and couple rooms in very simple bamboo huts are available.

However, if the prices are not affordable for you, and you genuinely wish to join, please do not hesitate to contact us for possible solutions.

As we see in Tantra, the connection is essential, especially between two people, so we use this quality in Tantra Movement.

That’s why to create this connection, we recommend to all singles to book as quickly as possible to secure your best suitable balance partner with whom we wish you may deepen the experience.

Each Day:
from 11 AM till 7 PM each day

Tantra Movement // Koh Phangan // Sri Thanu

When you book, you will receive an invitation to the group, welcome letter with more details, practical information, and learning material.

Check our website for more info:
and do not hesitate to ask the questions
Michal Kali Griks (FB)