Train Your Mind & Skin Youthful in 21 Days Rapid Transformational Therapy

20dec15:0017:00Train Your Mind & Skin Youthful in 21 Days Rapid Transformational Therapy


(Wednesday) 15:00 - 17:00


Vannee Golden Sands Koh Phangan Hotel Beach Resort

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Age is not a number but a state of mind!

Do you whisper words and phrases to yourself like:

⚡My youthful prime is ending soon
men won’t desire me as much

⚡I’m running out of time to achieve all I want to in my career.

⚡The older I get, the less desirable/ worthy/attractive I feel.

⚡I’m getting too old who’s going to want me now?

You may have a certain area of your life where you feel you have failed because an expected benchmark hasn’t been achieved just yet.

I.e. you are not in a relationship, or you haven’t got a career sorted just yet.

These beliefs can limit self-confidence and add pressure to our lives creating time scarcity, anxiety & the feeling of not being good enough.

✨ In this POWERFUL workshop, you will reclaim your timeless confidence and walk away with:

✨The most youthful version of yourself and having all the time in the world

✨You will begin to trust in your sweet timeline with confidence and mental freedom.

✨Deprogramming ageing beliefs like (”the older I get the less attractive/worthy I feel”) is
essential to looking and feeling good on the outside

✨Embrace yourself with kindness and compassion, creating an inner glow that shines from within.

✨A shift in perspective, and achieve transformation in your mindset, and the tools to embrace your unique timeless beauty, confidently & just as you are.

✨ Train Your Mind Youthful Hypnosis recording

With Rapid Transformational Therapy™️, we will regress you back to the root cause and eliminate ageing beliefs from the roots!

✨Without negative beliefs your biology & physiological changes – you will leave feeling lighter, and brighter and you will have a more positive mindset to achieve your goals.

✨After the session, you will be given a Train Your Mind Youthful Hypnosis Recording for you to install new beliefs for anti-ageing and rejuvenation!

***Rapid Transformational Therapy
HAS HELPED 100,000 people around the world- this celebrity favourite includes international superstars, famous entrepreneurs/ CEOs, Royalty, and Olympic athletes.

It has won multiple awards
It is accredited by several professional bodies & it is recognized worldwide as the go-to therapy because of its efficiency & speed.


💰Workshop price 1000 THB = $28

Hear what others are saying:

I highly recommend Train Your Mind & Skin Youthful in 21 Days! 🙌🏻
I used to be paranoid about my age, but since I’ve done this course I feel really good!
Not just that. I keep getting compliments on my skin and I feel confident.
I no longer have fears of being rejected because of my age!
Thanks, Emma ⭐️

I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I’m so glad I did this!
I can’t believe the difference in how it’s made me feel.
If you’re like me a sceptic just do it, dare I say it should be more expensive AMAZING value for money! Julie

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