Tantric Ecstatic Dance - Every Tuesday Practice

26dec14:3016:30Tantric Ecstatic Dance - Every Tuesday Practice


(Tuesday) 14:30 - 16:30


Tantra Movement

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Hello Beautiful People!

Let’s create magic together! Join us for a remarkable Tantric Ecstatic Dance where visuals, sounds and the spirit of Tantra meet.

Let the music be your mystical muse, as we come together to celebrate joy of life, freedom and respectful connections.

There is something ✨ unique ✨ about this Ecstatic Dance.

It starts with 1-hour Tantric Dance Workshop so you can warm up and:

🌿 become more present, rooted and aligned with your body and spirit,
🌿 practice setting boundaries and expressing your wishes with full respect towards other participants,
🌿 connect with your body, mind and soul,
🌿connect with other participants if you feel like or consciously choose to stay in your own energy.

This Tantric Dance Workshop is a transformative exploration of movement, energy and intimacy.

During classes we will try to connect with our subconscious programmes to make them conscious and to:

🌿release what doesn’t serve us,
🌿nourish what serves us.

And after this one hour of guided dancing let us start the freedom of rooted Ecstatic Dance with no guidance other than your heart and common sense!

Dress comfortably, dance wildly and embrace the ecstatic vibes!
See you on the dance floor.

📅 Dates:

26.12 🕒 2 PM – 6 PM
Topic of Tantric Workshop: Healthy Partnership with our Loved Ones

02.01 🕒 2 PM – 6 PM
Topic of Tantric Workshop: Inner Child – joy, creativeness, acceptance

09.01 🕒 2 PM – 6 PM
Topic of Tantric Workshop: Inner Teenager – get to know this fella better

16.01 🕒 2 PM – 6 PM
Topic of Tantric Workshop: Divine Feminine – no matter your gender it can be part of you

23.01 🕒 2 PM – 6 PM
Topic of Tantric Workshop: Divine Masculine – no matter your gender it can be part of you

30.01 🕒 2 PM – 6 PM
Topic of Tantric Workshop: Balance between Masculinity and Femininity

Topics and dates of February meetings will be published at the end of January.

📍 Location: @Tantra Movement School

✨ Who Can Attend: all individuals seeking a deeper connection with themselves and others are welcome. You need no prior experience.

✨ Cost: 500 Baht per person.

One meeting lasts for 4 hours. We start with one hour Tantric Dance classes and then we move to Ecstatic Dance Mystical Party.
We provide the event with fresh water and tasty fruits <3

Before the Ecstatic there is also Morning Practice for Ladies, check it out:


✨ To sign up: send an email to [email protected]

Please make thoughtful reservations as the number of participants is limited.

✨ About us:


I have been practicing Tantra for several years. My work was intense, with circles and workshops once a week, weekend retreats and individual daily practice.
I started studying with a book-guide, then practiced together with sisters during women’s circles and with sister and brothers during mixed circles. I was gathering and holding most of those circles myself.
Every week I was leading voice-opening workshops for women to help them to regain power of their voices. Those meetings were called “Choir of Witches”. I am a vocalist myself and I have graduated from School for Actors and Vocalist in Cracow. I believe that connection with your own voice can be a really important part of a tantric experience.
This year, I completed a course and met the requirements to become a Tantra teacher at the international Tantra Movement school in Thailand.

✨ Check out my Instagram account: kundalini.tantra.love


People have been inspired by rhythms, sounds and melodies since the beginning of time. Music and its history inspired for new discoveries, raised plenty of sensations and spiritual awareness.
I am deeply passionate of wilderness and severity of ethnic sounds which are inherent element of my DJ sets and productions.
I am a musical nomad, creating my beats and leading my voice to the melodies I craft. From soulful singing to the mystical art of throat singing, I try to make my music as diverse as the life around all of us.
I am a traveler. One of my biggest dreams is to visit and record music of most of the tribes from around the globe.
Up till now I was DJ on many Polish Festivals among others on: FRUŃ, Organic, Summer Contrast and Siemia. I also have been ecstatic DJ during many workshops and events.
When I play I aim to align with the space and all of you so I can invite to my musical performance what you really need at the moment and fill the evening with delight, fire, deepness…
Let’s be joyful, dance and flow with experience!

✨ Check out my Instagram account: nomadaskaii