Sunset Tantra: Nurturing the Heart by the Sea

09jan18:0021:30Sunset Tantra: Nurturing the Heart by the Sea


(Tuesday) 18:00 - 21:30


Serenity Residence

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Transformative Heart of Tantra ~ Embrace Your Awakening on Koh Phangan’s Pristine Shores at our private beach for men & women 🌟

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✨ Awaken Your Essence with Tantra: An Unforgettable Experience of Connection and Transformation.

🌅 Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Tantra at our exclusive workshop, nestled on the idyllic shores of Koh Phangan. Led by the skilled and empathetic Trisha and Lucas, this retreat is a haven for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, offering a fresh perspective on the profound practices of Tantra.

🔮 Event Overview:

• Location: Serenity Residence – A Sanctuary by the Sea

• Accessibility: Tailored for All, From Tantra Newcomers to Experienced Souls

🌈 Workshop Aims:

• Nurture Self-Awareness and Deep Intimacy

• Build Genuine, Respectful Connections

• Celebrate the Art of Mindful Relating

• Engage in Varied Tantra Practices for Healing and Euphoria

🌺 Workshop Features:

• Tantra Foundations: A Welcoming Introduction for All, Enlightening for The Experienced

• Conscious Communication: Deepen Your Relational Skills with Empathy and Awareness

• Sacred Touch & Tantric Massage: Discover Healing Through Intimate, Mindful Touch

• Boundaries and Consent: Learn the Essence of Safe, Respectful Tantra Practice

💖 Learning Highlights:

• Harmonize Your Inner Masculine and Feminine Forces

• Channel Sexual Energy for Spiritual and Personal Growth

• Simple, Effective Tantra Exercises for Everyday Life

• Insights into the Transformative Power of Tantric Kriya Yoga
💫 Experiences to Cherish:

• Partake in Soul-Enriching Rituals

• Heal Past Traumas, Release Emotional Blockages

• Achieve Ecstatic States for Deep Joy and Self-Realization

• Foster Profound Self-Love and Intimacy with Others

🌟 Join Our Transformative Path:

We create a space where laughter, tears, and profound discovery coexist. We support each other in a journey marked by reverence, curiosity, and compassion.

Step into a world where ancient tantra wisdom meets contemporary understanding. Let the soothing rhythm of Koh Phangan’s waves guide you through a journey of self-discovery, love, and ecstasy. This is more than a retreat; it’s an opportunity to transform, connect, and awaken your heart in an environment that’s as nurturing as it is stunning.

Your path to a more interconnected, vibrant, and fulfilling life awaits. Be part of this extraordinary journey of heart, body, and spirit. 🌺🌊

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About Lucas Jarosch
Lucas, an accomplished facilitator since 2018, has shared his expertise in over 10 countries across the globe. His primary focus lies in guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding of themselves through conscious self-experience. In the realm of personal growth and development, testimonials often speak louder than self-descriptions. We invite you to explore the shared experiences of others who have journeyed with Lucas, as their narratives can be a source of inspiration and insight.

About Trisha Croft – Founder of
Light of Lemuria

Trisha Croft is a an international Clairvoyant, Medium, Shamanic Witch & High Priestess who dedicates her life to the Goddess, she has spent over 7 years studying at university for a medical bachelor degree in BHSC Naturopath doctor as well as:

•BHSC Nutrition Degree
•Botany & Plant Medicine – BHSC degree
•Majoring in her passions of the nervous and endocrine system, womens health and sexual health.
•Tantra Teacher & Sex Coach
•Trauma Informed

She takes spiritual Goddess Gypsy tours to the holy lands of Egypt and many spiritual destinations, teaching Goddess and Egyptian tantra retreats around the world, witchcraft, sacred sexuality and Online Training courses at her Mystery School including:
•Egyptian Tantra
•Priestess of Isis
•Multi orgasmic man
•Sexual Serpent Priestess
•Sex magic of Isis
•Yoni Yoga teacher training
•Tantra for Couples
•Tantric healing
•Eros Dancing
•Mary Magdalene initiations
And much much more

“In particular my main focus is on the Goddess and through that I help women reclaim their light, reconnect to their essence, to fully feel the divine feminine spark and bring forth the inner beauty of the Goddess to share that with all. In doing so I invite the men that join with us to experience that which they yearn for too – the re-connection to the source of the divine feminine within them, to see it in the women that share their lives and help them restore it to its rightful place and their world. By immersing in the journey we reconnect to the primal creative conscious forces that shapes and defines who we are and re-experience deeply once again to the sacred, that intangible essence that our ancient ancestors knew so well, that we modern humans have lost, perhaps devalued, discarded and denied in our distracted, disrupted modern world.. our connection to spirit.”

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Testimony ☆☆☆☆☆

Bonnie, Australia

Brieanna, California

Natasha, Mexico

Angie, Australia

Reshma, Ireland

“This mentoring has achieved truly transformation results for me. Trisha has been gently guiding me to awaken, opening me up into my intuition and moving into a space of creation. While honouring the divine masculine, she has been supporting me to soften and step more into the divine feminine. She has helped me release parts of my life I was hooked into that was no longer serving me and unleashed feminine parts of me that were closed off or dormant. Stepping into the divine feminine has truly set me free. I live life lighter; I let my hair down, I laugh and dance more. I am stronger, more confident and truly empowered in how I show up for life. These shifts have not just benefited me; I’m a better mother, wife and leader. I am so grateful to Trisha for being in my life. She is an inspiration to be around and a guiding light. A powerhouse and a role model for how to show up in life! Thank you so much”.

Mon, Australia, 2023

“Thank you so much goddess for the beautiful and magical tantra session yesterday. I will highly recommend your one on one session for couple’s! My partner and I found the session amazing, meaningful and enjoyable We learned a lot from it and got more queries about tantra because of it. The one on one session made us feel so comfortable to open up and be natural! And you made us feel so shameless and so comfortable in front of you. You have the most amazing and loving energy. Can’t thank you enough! Bless you”.

Shirrli, Israel, 2023

“My Tantra session was so much more than I could have ever expected. With the Beautiful guidance from Trisha, I felt peacefulness and Tantric love that I could not have imagined. It was like I had come home. Trisha’s warmth, knowledge, kindness and intuition are like none I have ever known, and words alone cannot describe what this experience was like. And it is just the beginning of what I know is my true tantra calling”.

Jewel, Australia, 2023

Juniper Rose, Australia

More testimonials Here

We look forward to Journeying with you all
Blessed Be,
Trisha & Lucas