11.11.2023 18:30 - 21:30


Soulscape - House of Healing

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Join our Sacred Kirtan πŸ’š

Kirtan is a Yoga Practice dedicated to the Devotion.
Kirtan is a way of reconnecting us to God and our Spirit through Spiritualized chanting that raises our frequency and takes us to an elevated state.

When we sing together we create a very powerful energy, full of joy and connection; at the same time kirtan sometimes leads you to bring out emotions that it’s time to let go, making you more lightened and peaceful.
While you are singing with others, at the same time you can enter a meditative state where you rediscover a deep intimate part of yourself.

Kirtan is a sacred meeting with the Divine and doing it in a group allows you to feel like all brothers in this Holy Union.
It is a joy to welcome you in this experience.
Deborah Filippo and Erik are a family and together they want to share their energy through these songs they love so much, creating a familiar and pure encounter.
For them it is a joy to welcome you in this experience.

For them it is a joy to welcome you in this experience.

The meetings will be by donation so as to leave the participants the opportunity to donate what their heart feel to give.

Come directly to the 2nd floor where the yogastudio is located

6.15 pm Open the door
6.30 pm Start Chanting
20.00 pm Finish

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