Shamanic Ritual Dance - dj Baba Rebelution & Robin @Shivari

16dec12:0015:00Shamanic Ritual Dance - dj Baba Rebelution & Robin @Shivari


16.12.2023 12:00 - 15:00


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Ritual Dance: Join us for Shamanic Saturday with Baba Rebelution and Robin Stolberg, presenting their enchanting ✨Ritual Dance program—a transformative journey within.

• Before 7 pm: 300 THB
• After 7 pm: 400 THB
• *DONATION-based for those adhering to the Shamanic Dress Code!

7 pm – Sacred opening ceremony by facilitator Robin Stolberg and sound shaman DJ Baba Rebelution.
Music flow with Baba Rebelution and Shamanic sounds by Robin.
“Music has a profound impact on emotions and the body. Faster beats enhance alertness, upbeat tunes foster optimism, and a slower tempo brings relaxation. Research shows that music around 60 beats per minute syncs the brain with alpha brainwaves, inducing relaxation. Native American, Celtic, Ambient, Indian stringed instruments, drums, and flutes are effective at relaxing the mind. Our event promotes stress reduction through music, a tool accessible to almost everyone. Choose music that resonates with you and brings relaxation. – Baba Rebelution”

🫧Our waterfall sauna opens at 3 pm on Saturday.


🥑Indulge in Shivari restaurant’s veg and raw cuisine by naturopath and nutritionist Natasha Svedovaya (Open Tue-Sun: 2 PM-9 PM). Explore the delights! 😋

💦Experience our amazing sauna on a natural waterfall.

🙏🏻This is a consciously stimulant-free event.