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29nov07:0009:00Shadow Work


(Wednesday) 07:00 - 09:00


The House of LIght

The House of Light

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What is Shadow work?
Shadow is every trait that stays invisible or in the “dark” to the consciousness. These hidden traits are the parts you deny, you think are undesirable or embarrassing and thus suppressed by you.
Shadows are multi-faceted and could be emotions like anger, envy, greed, bitterness, etc. – all the emotions that are not accepted by society.

Shadow work is the practice of bringing the shadow to light to uncover parts of yourself that are repressed or pushed back in your subconscious mind. Your ego doesn’t want to associate itself with any toxic traits and therefore chooses to ignore them. During the workshop we shine light onto our shadows, see them and integrate them to feel more whole.

Although it is intimidating and can be challenging, shadow work is a proven healing method that helps achieve self-improvement and feeling more at one with oneself.

Join me for this workshop to bring more light and wholeness into your life.

🗓️ Wednesdays
⏰ 14.00 – 16.00
💸 500 baht
📍 The House of Light

Mona works as a quantum healer and group facilitator. She has more than a decade of experience in yoga, meditation, pranayama and transformational activities from which she creates her own method to support you in healing mind, body and soul.

Looking forward to having you!