Ritual Theater : A Class in the Art of Channelling : Improv House

20nov18:0020:00Ritual Theater : A Class in the Art of Channelling : Improv House


(Monday) 18:00 - 20:00


Improv House Koh Phangan

Event Details

6:00-8:00pm (18:00-20:00)

馃What is Ritual Theater?

馃Ritual Theater is a spiritual practice in the art of channelling which happens in a few steps:

1. See ourselves through the eyes of Love
2. Set ourselves aside for a moment and see what the other facets of Love have to say through us!
3. Option to perform for the class and interact these loving messages with one another…

…and Ta-Da! We鈥檝e got a phenomenal Ritual Theater performance!!!!!!!!

How does it work?

馃First we open our bodies with some organic stretching, movement, and toning to open the voice.

馃I guide us through the mundane world into an alternate dimension, a safe and loving space in which we can see ourselves for who we truly are, with the eyes of love.

馃From this space, the real fun begins!

馃We play games and interact with ourselves, each other, and the spirit world to open our channels in ways that are quite profound, funny, gorgeous, and powerful.

馃This ceremony has been called psychadelics without the psychadelics 馃獢馃馃崁馃尯鉂も嶐煍ヰ煏煪

馃 And it leaves you feeling, joyful, playful, connected, happy, peaceful, powerful, like anything is possible, humble, loving and more!!!!!!!

馃 Please reach out with any questions!

馃 I’m so looking forward to sharing the magick with you!!

鉁 Ritual Theater Ceremony
鉁 B300 Drop In
鉁 B1000 4 Class Pass
鉁 Improv House
鉁 Mon 20/11 18:00-20:00
鉁 All Levels of Practice are Welcome!!

馃 With Love and Gratitude,

馃 Marissa Ix 鉂