Return to the Inner Temple 3-Day Retreat with Zola Dubnikova and Estas Tonne on Koh Phangan

04jan(jan 4)02:3006(jan 6)13:30Return to the Inner Temple 3-Day Retreat with Zola Dubnikova and Estas Tonne on Koh Phangan


04.01.2024 02:30 - 06.01.2024 13:30


The Source Koh Phangan

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Event Details

Zola Dubnikova & Estas Tonne will come together in January 2024 to offer a three-day journey into an inner exploration at The Source, a jungle sanctuary in the heart of the mystical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Through the portals of Sound and Movement, we will cultivate profound and subtle sensory awareness and enter the inner space where there is no time and no destination. Coined the art of reincarnating in the same body, Holistic Dance Language is the embodiment technique developed by Zola Dubnikova. In combination with the Internal Flight Experience, a dynamic immersive journey guided by Estas Tonne, through sound alchemy, silence, movement, and dance medicine, we will go to a space of truth and sincerity within.

This is an invitation to enter a field of unlimited inner potential. Once we enter that space, we find an inner place from which we would hope to never return. Welcome to join us on a journey of spiritual ecstasy, heart-opening, humanity, and love.

The location that has been called to host this higher work is the island of Koh Phangan, in Thailand, a tropical lushious land with a special atmosphere for this deep work. The Source is our venue located in the heart of the jungle with a panoramic sunset view of the ocean and islands on the horizon.

πŸ“ PROGRAM β”‰β”ˆβ”‰β—‡β—ˆβ—‡β”‰β”ˆβ”‰
A combination of structured embodiment practices, vocal opening, sound journey, and movement meditation support us in releasing the story that no longer serves while cultivating enhanced presence, pleasure, and embodiment.

The program includes:
ΰΌ„ Embodiment practices through breath repatterning, vocal release, seed sounds, movement medicine & energetic awareness
ΰΌ„ Contemporary body science & techniques to develop an awareness of sacred geometry within and without
ΰΌ„ Earth practices (slow movements with a focus on deep inner listening & release)
ΰΌ„ Receiving tools to support us in cultivating β€˜everyday ecstasy’
ΰΌ„ Sacred human teachings
ΰΌ„ Internal flight and Sound Journey

This experience is designed to support us to:
ΰΌ„ Release unhealthy physical patterns & tension
ΰΌ„ Tap into our intuitive, instinctual powers
ΰΌ„ Follow pathways of pleasure within and without
ΰΌ„ Cultivate a deep sense of humbleness, gratitude, and surrender
ΰΌ„ Heal and empower the root center, giving us tools to explore the relationship of our sexual centers to vital organs and energy centers of the body in order to cultivate deeper vitality and life force energy
ΰΌ„ Open the doors of spiritual ecstasy, connection and heart-opening
ΰΌ„ Work with archetypal energies to source deeper vitality & empowerment
ΰΌ„ Experience enhanced sense of well being and sense of purpose
ΰΌ„ Tune into our deepest dreams and visions
ΰΌ„ Reconnect to our divine source and the wisdom carried within

πŸ›– VENUE β”‰β”ˆβ”‰β—‡β—ˆβ—‡β”‰β”ˆβ”‰
The Source

Located near Chaloklum Bay, and deep in the heart of the jungle, on the slopes of a mountain with a panoramic sea view of the island of Koh Phangan, The Source is one of the most beautiful locations to soak the grounding energy of this land. And is only 5 km from the Thong Sala pier (the main town of the island).

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Accommodation is NOT included in the package of this program. All participants are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements.

The Source has 9 bungalows (5 standard and 4 luxury) with mountain or sea views from each room where you’ll feel cozy and deeply connected to nature. If you are interested, we suggest contacting them directly to book and secure your accommodation.

[email protected]

Other options are to book your space through Airbnb,, or

Due to the holidays, January is the high season in Thailand. Spaces are filling very fast, so we highly recommend you book your space as soon as possible.

🌟FACILITATORS β”‰β”ˆβ”‰β—‡β—ˆβ—‡β”‰β”ˆβ”‰

Zola bridges sacred dance, movement medicine, contemporary body science, masterful form, somatic awareness, and ritual through her unique approach which she calls the β€œHolistic Dance Language.” Her extensive background fused with absolute devotion to the pursuit of dance as an ecstatic, spiritual experience, has birthed a unique style of both teaching & performing – which truly embodies the marriage between form and spirit. Trained extensively in contemporary dance forms and healing arts as well as Odissi Temple Dance Tradition, Sufi tradition, Mevlana whirling practices, Dances of the Silk Road, the gypsy trails and beyond, her style brings forth the wisdom of ancient dance ritual through a holistic lens intended to guide more people in accessing their divine capabilities. Zola offers intensive immersions, training and retreat experiences, traveling often throughout the world to share her work, as well as ongoing online courses.

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Estas Tonne is a modern-day troubadour who has traveled around the world with his guitar for over two decades and shares music solo or in collaborations. The world being his home, Estas finds inspiration in the cultural richness and diversity of the world. His music reflects many influences and stories. Elements of classical structure, techniques of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and electronic soundscapes. A variety of styles flowing into each other harmoniously, reaching out differently every time, yet always in a unique form and melody. Estas’ performances are distinctive sound journeys of the authentic unfolding of music through emotional expression and deeper connection. Every sound experience intends to create a sacred space, where sound meets silence in a ceremony inviting participants to discover music as a tool for an inner shift. Estas plays at concerts, festivals, conferences and community gatherings, while he also supports meaningful projects ranging from film, theatre, dance, visual arts, and more.

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πŸ’° INVESTMENT β”‰β”ˆβ”‰β—‡β—ˆβ—‡β”‰β”ˆβ”‰
Start Date: 4 JAN 24 – Registration starts at 9:30 AM
End Date: 6 JAN 24 – 8:30 PM

Early bird price: 900€ (until Oct 31st, 2023)
Regular price: 1100€ (from Nov 1st, 2023 onwards)
Scholarship application is available for those who need financial support. Send us a private message at [email protected]

✈️ TRAVEL β”‰β”ˆβ”‰β—‡β—ˆβ—‡β”‰β”ˆβ”‰
Travel is NOT included in the package of this program. All participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to arrive on the island of Koh Phangan by the start day of the retreat.

πŸ–‹οΈ BOOKING β”‰β”ˆβ”‰β—‡β—ˆβ—‡β”‰β”ˆβ”‰
All the details, booking and payment through the link below.