Raise Your Vibration Yoga & Sound Healing Retreat

18dec(dec 18)09:3023(dec 23)17:30Raise Your Vibration Yoga & Sound Healing Retreat


18 (Monday) 09:30 - 23 (Saturday) 17:30


Orion Healing Center ( Detox & Yoga ) Koh Phangan

Orion Healing Center ( Detox & Yoga ) Koh Phangan

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✨Transform Your Being at the 6-Day Yoga, Movement, and Sound Healing Retreat in Koh Phangan, Thailand!

✨Are you ready to experience a profound shift in your energy and raise your vibration to new heights? Look no further than our 6-day retreat in the breathtaking island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. This transformative journey will take you through a daily exploration of different elements, guiding you towards a more balanced and enlightened state of being.

✨Each day of the retreat is dedicated to working with a specific element, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in its essence and harness its unique energy. Each day begins with a morning yoga practice moving, flowing into explorative workshops immersed in sound and vibration. Here’s a glimpse into what awaits you:

✨Day 1: Earth – Grounding and Stability: Start your journey by connecting deeply with the earth element through yoga and movement practices that cultivate stability and rootedness. Feel your energy grounding, allowing you to feel centered and supported.

✨Day 2: Water – Flow and Fluidity: Dive into the fluidity of water as you engage in yoga and movement sequences designed to promote flexibility, adaptability, and emotional release. Allow the waves of energy to wash away any tension or resistance.

✨Day 3: Fire – Ignite Your Inner Power: Stoke the fire within as you tap into your inner strength and vitality. Through fiery yoga practices, you’ll awaken your passion, courage, and transformational potential. Harness the energy of fire to ignite your true essence.

✨Day 4: Air – Breath and Expansion: Experience the freedom and expansiveness of air through breathwork and pranayama exercises. Connect with the breath as a tool for release, clarity, and invigoration. Feel your energy expand as you deepen your breath.

✨Day 5: Ether – Transcendence and Connection: Journey into the ethereal realm as you explore meditation, visualisation, and practices that enhance your connection to the divine and the unseen. Experience a sense of spaciousness and oneness with all that is.

✨Day 6: Light – Radiate Your Brilliance: On the final day, embrace your inner light and allow it to shine brightly. Engage in practices that promote self-love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Experience the joy and radiance that comes from embracing your true nature.

✨In addition to these transformative practices, our retreat offers rejuvenating sound healing sessions daily that will harmonise and balance your energy, leaving you feeling revitalised and aligned.

✨Want to experience the magic of Orion Healing Centre? Please have a look here.


✨Price starting from ONLY 16,500 THB* (€444) if booked in advance!

*Early Bird price. Early bird offer is available until 30 November 2023. Regular price is 18,500 THB (€499). Price is excluding accommodation, including 7% VAT. Our rates are pegged to the THAI BAHT, the Euro rates may vary due to currency exchange rate fluctuations. A 35% non-refundable deposit payment is required to confirm the booking. Further Terms & Conditions apply.

Retreat date: 18 December – 23 December 2023
This retreat will start on Monday 18 December at 9.30 AM and will finish on Saturday 23 December around 5.30 PM.

* Daily yoga classes: YIN & YANG
* Daily sound healing journeys
* Daily workshops for body & mind
* Daily meditation sessions
* Use of mats and all props
* Delicious vegan buffet
lunch from our award winning Orion Cafe (*a la carte meal might be offered instead in case of a small group)
* Use of Herbal Steam Room, Infrared Sauna and Ice Bath (excl event fees)
* Filtered drinking water throughout the program
* Exposure to our dynamic Orion Community and evening event schedule

* practical exercises on how to raise your vibration, for body, mind and soul.
* to align with what you “feel” rather than what you “think”
* to open your intuition for more clarity
* to uplift yourself so you can trust Life and find happiness from within

09:30 – 11:30 Meditation/Pranayama/Yoga Practice
11:30 – 13:30 Lunch at Orion Cafe and Free Time
13:30 – 15:30 Raise your Vibration Workshop
15:30 – 17:30 Ceremony/Sound Healing/InnerDance/Ritual/Sharing Circle

Meet your facilitators


Laura and Imana are a rainbow-bridge guiding others to find more connection, awareness and healing.
With Movement, Sound & Vibration as their main tool they radiate Love & Light and touch your heart in gratitude.


Imana’s role on this planet is to teach from the wisdom of her personal experience. She is a shining example of how to live in gratitude while integrating spirituality and awareness in everyday life.

She cured herself from a supposedly incurable sickness (Chrons), and believes strongly that the first steps are to change your outlook on life, and above all to follow your heart!

Imana has been based in Asia for the past twenty-six years, developing and evolving in her energy, sound & vibrational healing work. She is a Master in Reiki, Shamanic Soundhealing, Inner Dance, Transforming E-motions helping others to heal themselves and becoming their own true Master.

Laura’s passion for yoga, healing and the beauty of life permeate every class and space she holds.

After leaving her career in investment funds in London to find a simpler and more aligned life, she travelled around the world adding to her yoga practice, completing 500HR+ training and crafting her teaching style. She has taught in London, Majorca, Goa, Spain and Thailand (back at Orion where she started her yoga teacher journey many years ago!)

Inspired by a range of healing modalities, Laura brings many influences into her teaching, including song and poetry medicine. Again and again, it all comes back to the breath.

Her teaching styles include Vinyasa, Forrest Yoga, Chakra Flow, Yin and Yoga Nidra. Her love of Yogic Philosophy, Energetics, Bodywork and Fun imbue each of her classes with her unique magic. You will leave her classes feeling nurtured, empowered, grounded and uplifted.