Polarities Course. Presentation, Q&A, Signing in, FREE Event

11dec17:0019:00Polarities Course. Presentation, Q&A, Signing in, FREE Event


11.12.2023 17:00 - 19:00


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Hello Lovely Humans

We want to initiate another FREE weekly event in our school.
We are going to present what would be about the next following in the weekend course. It would mainly be a lecture that would make clear what you may expect in the next three days course. We may support the presentation with some simple, not challenging exercises or show how things are done.
Through those events, we would like to offer, for many of you, safe, easy approachable introductions to tantra and to our teachings.

There would also be time for Questions & Answers and discussion that could be interesting, especially male and female aspects in spirituality, and tantra could be very controversial.

This weekend would be about Polarities, which is part of “All Aspects Of Tantra,” – a more extensive course. We will focus on Male/Female, Wild/Sacred, and other polarities. We would also introduce you to the mature Male and Female energies.
More about you may see in the course description or the event itself.
You’re welcome.

Michal Kali Griks