Open the Inner Gates ~ Introduction to Holistic Dance Language with Zola Dubnikova in Thailand

09jan18:3021:30Open the Inner Gates ~ Introduction to Holistic Dance Language with Zola Dubnikova in Thailand


(Tuesday) 18:30 - 21:30


Orion Healing Center ( Detox & Yoga ) Koh Phangan

Orion Healing Center ( Detox & Yoga ) Koh Phangan

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From the School of Mystery, Sacred Dance & Feminine Arts
Dance artist, visionary and evolutionary guide, Zola Dubnikova returns to Koh Phangan and offers a unique opportunity to taste the exquisite dance methodology known as Holistic Dance language, coined ‘the art of reincarnating in the same body,’.

The unique practices revive our hidden gifts and forgotten powers, enhance our sensory awareness and open the channels of ecstasy within, bridging the worlds seen and unseen. Through this work we experience movement medicine, vocal activation, sexual healing, a sense of profound connection and soul alchemy.

What is Holistic Dance Language?
The Holistic Dance Language system is deeply informed by years of immersion into cultural traditional dance forms, all of Zola’s offerings contain a language beyond culture and time ~ Pleasurable embodiment, diverse physicality, subtle body language, breath work, ritual movement and inner alchemy are the main elements of the holistic dance language curriculum. Informed by ancient tradition, seeped in contemporary somatic/body science, infused with movement medicine and immersed in sacred dance inspired across time and worlds, the practices revive our hidden (forgotten) abilities, creating pathways of remembrance in the body. Through the practices, we have the power of complete metamorphosis and enhanced communication at our fingertips. The earth-based foundational work guides us to trust the ground beneath us more, deepen our roots and “fly” from a supported place. Connecting to our pelvis, to the earth and to our voice gives us deeper roots. Connecting to the heart, we open the sky. Through the work we access deep softness, grace and potent strength. We release blocked energy, and build inner power. We learn a unique vocabulary of movement, mudra and subtle energetic principles. Through a combination of slowed inner listening, breath/sound work, focused practice, and liberating trance-inducing movement, we bring our prayers to the physical world, planting the seeds of our dreams, our deepest missions, within every cell of our bodies.

• Earth practices (slow movements with focus on deep inner listening & release)
• Movement medicine & energetics, physical training & breath re-patterning
• Contemporary body science & sacred physical geometry
• Sacred feminine teachings
• Exploring the relationship of our sexual centers to all the energy portals and vital organs of the body

• Heal and empower the inner gates using ancient Taoist methods, Taoist tantric yoga, vocal meditation and holistic dance language practices
• Release unhealthy physical patterns & tension
• Cultivate a deep sense of humbleness, gratitude, and surrender
• Reconnect us to our divine source and the wisdom carried within
• Open the doors of spiritual ecstasy & intuitive power
• Work with archetypal energies to source deeper vitality & empowerment

🌹Drop into a safe space to allow the soul to express itself through movement
🌹Open the heart, release the pelvis, strengthen the core, root the feet and move the soul
🌹Dance the trance of release, letting go of what we no longer want to hold in the body
🌹Receive life-changing tools to support us in accessing deeper freedom within
🌹Take a journey together to build inner power & embodiment
🌹Build inner softness & strength, as we learn to listen deeper to our inner voice
🌹Learn a powerful vocabulary of movement and alchemy, based on the unique “Holistic Dance Language” curriculum, developed by Zola Dubnikova
🌹Weave a powerful experience for body and spirit between ethereal melodies and deep trance-y beats, where the ancient mystic and the present moment merge across time & worlds

“My vision is to support women in coming into their deepest power. Women-only containers provide a very strong place to grow, heal and evolve in an atmosphere of deep safety. Furthermore, women who have experienced trauma, both around their sexuality and relationship to men, feel safer to allow their wounds and shadows to arise within this context.” ~ Zola

The practices invite us on a journey of deep remembrance, into a way of life from which we may wish to never return.

This workshop is for women only and is a taster for the month-long Temple Arts Training with Zola Dubnikova which will be 15th January – 9th February and still has a few places available, please find more information in the event link:

Zola bridges sacred dance, movement medicine, contemporary body science, masterful form, somatic awareness and ritual through her unique approach which she calls the “Holistic Dance Language.” Her extensive background fused with absolute devotion to the pursuit of dance as an ecstatic, spiritual experience, has birthed a unique style of both teaching & performing – which truly embodies the marriage between form and spirit. Trained extensively in contemporary dance forms and healing arts as well as Odissi Temple Dance Tradition, Sufi tradition, Mevlana whirling practices, Dances of the Silk Road, the gypsy trails and beyond, her style brings forth the wisdom of ancient dance ritual through a holistic lens intended to guide more people in accessing their divine capabilities. Zola offers intensive immersions, training and retreat experiences, traveling often throughout the world to share her work, as well as ongoing online courses.
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Tuesday 9th January 2024
18:30 – 21:30
Orion Circle Shala

700 THB – At the door
500 THB – Early Bird (with pre-registration, final day 7th January)

⚠️ To register & for inquiries, contact Serafina:
Whatsapp: +90 533 8520434
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