NEW YEARS Awakening Journey of Voice and Breath

29dec(dec 29)18:0031(dec 31)17:00NEW YEARS Awakening Journey of Voice and Breath


29 (Friday) 18:00 - 31 (Sunday) 17:00


Koh Phangan

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Before leaping into the new years, shed what is not you anymore, and dream your/our future and consciously align with only what is truly serving truth and love and what you want to say yes to with all your heart.
Together as a tribe, this is a powerful experience.

Everyone is welcome!
No need to be a singer, but also for singers

Our nature is music. The whole universe is vibration. The root of our existence, our breath, our heartbeat is pulse and tone.
Your voice is the most intimate and direct bridge between the infinite and finite you, revealing the truth of each moment and exposing everything that might still stand in between you and total freedom. It is a pathway to awakening your true expression and power in unity with the divine.
Following the teachings of Voice and Breath Master Amit Carmeli, I, Tabea, will guide you to ride on the medicine of Mama Music. We will dive into a deep journey of letting go, inner silencing, unity, simplicity, prayer and celebration through trances, pulses, songs, free dives and meditations.
Even though we will use the voice and sing, you do not need to be a singer and this journey is not about becoming a better singer. That might just be a bonus 😉 It is about a deeper intimacy, love and honesty with yourself, your voice, music and life. An openness and humility to learn and “not know” is important.

December 29-31, 2023

6-8:30/9pm (2,5-3h)
Sat/Sun: 12-5pm (5h)

13 hours total

—- it is possible to come the first night (8th) and decide after, if you do the journey (if there is space) —-

— It is very important to be ON TIME and present in ALL THE SESSIONS (if you cannot make part of it, or come too late, you need to come another time) —

info upon registration

🌼Early Bird: 6600 Baht (until December 15th) – 15 tickets
🌼🌼Repeaters: 5500 Baht
🌼🌼🌼Normal: 7700 Baht
🌸Friday Only: 600 Baht (those coming the whole weekend are given first priority)

— if you notice you do not resonate with me or the teachings after the first night, you can still withdraw —


There will be a short break on Sat/Sun and Coconuts will be offered

Please write to GRACE:

Tabea is a vocalist, composer and teacher, who dedicates her voice and life to awakening, freedom, love and truth.
She studied classical voice at the conservatory in the USA, popular voice at the Conservatory in Germany as well as various vocal, acting, movement and healing techniques including: functional voice training (Reed, Rabine); Michael Checkhov Technique; Alexander Technique; Kundalini Yoga; Lighthealing and more.
She has had the honor of being a mentee of Amit Carmeli and his Wild Roots Vocal journey for 13 years, which has brought her on a deep healing and awakening journey with her voice, life and body. In cooperation with Carmeli, she has been leading many journeys/retreats around the globe since 2018.
As an artist Tabea tours internationally with her projects: Tabeah, a cinematic post-rock large ensemble, her transcultural Ikatar Ensemble, which brings together different musicians from all over the world each year; Duo Nahira Ziwa, in which she and portugués Hang and frame drum player Nuno Moreno explore the music of the moment, Untouchable Voices, a social justice theater giving voice to the stories of the Untouchables in India, and with different theater groups from the UK, as well as musicians and bands from Brazil and Syria. In 2022 one of the Albums she co-created with Caravan Sarai, was in the top 10 World-Music-Charts of the USA.
As a director she leads various intergenerational and intercultural choirs, orchestras and band projects, in different cities in Germany, creating spaces where people from very different backgrounds can meet and dismantle prejudices.


Sharing my experience for people who are feeling into this…
I can’t say enough about how deeply voice journeying with Tabea has touched and continues to touch my life. I always sensed my voice was a portal to the depths of creation and magic, and have worked with it in other ways, but my time spent with Tabea has connected me to this source within me most intimately. The practice she teaches has become my favorite way to commune with the moment; to meet myself where I am with ease, softness and love.
What she offers is both deceptively simple & infinitely complex… I could sit with her every day for the rest of my life and receive fruits until the very end. If you choose to enter, know that the more you are willing to open, the more you will receive. Tabea serves as devoted Priestess to a temple meant to soften you into the Lovesong that you Are.
I am beyond grateful to have come upon her service!
– Root (USA)

Such a transformative experience with a Master vocalist and spiritual guide! Tabea’s guided sessions work wonders for body mind and spirit. I can’t say enough good things to recommend it! Dive in!
Charles (USA)

Tabea´s courses are mindblowing! Super special Lady with an extraordinary voice
Highly recommended!
Astrid (Germany)

No words to say how much deep it is! Feel the call and join… it’s a ceremony every time.
Annoushka (Russia)

“This vocal work is probably the most comprehensive and profound research work I ever did with and for the voice. This exploration is based on basic criteria of letting go and allowing the voice to express itself in its most genuine form. It’s not an easy work to do as it requires lots of trust, mainly in the person leading and Tabea is brilliant in creating a safe space that allows us to surf through everything that emerges out of this magnificent journey.
– Rita Moreno (actress/Portugal)

“Few things have had the power to quickly shift my own perceptions, bring me into joy, deeply calming the mind and connecting to the infinite as the voice work with TaBea.
Inspiring and profound, bypassing the cognitive mind and directly accessing the beauty of the heart.”
– Pat (Italy)

“Recently, I participated in a 13 day workshop called the Awakening Journey of Voice and Breath. This workshop was led by a magnificent woman, named Ta Bea. Ta Bea unified our 17 person group methodically teaching us how to connect to our bodies, our rhythms, our voices, to each other and then finally to each of our souls. She then united us as we became one voice singing, each day a new ride, each day a new lesson, each day a new journey. We learned about “Mama Music”, if not the Mantra of the universe, then certainly the sounds which bind all of us humans together. In my 67 years on this earth, I have seen many thousands of hours of live music at concerts, experiencing literally, the best music that has ever been played and only rarely have I seen the magic which Ta Bea has been able to unwrap in each us as we journeyed into our human pain and sorrows, our joys, liberties, jubilations and dare I say ecstasy. We frequently entered the zone of overwhelming happiness and joyful excitement. Most importantly, Ta Bea kept it real.
The entire experience remained a sacred journey through and through. I cannot more highly recommend The Awakening Journey of Voice and Breath. Surely, you will see me there again and again.”
– Don (67, salesman/USA)

“Tabea takes you on a journey that leads you back to your own musicality. Working with Tabea and the tribe reminded me how satisfying, freeing, but mostly how simple singing can be.
‘Enjoy the inhale. What happens on the exhale is non of your business. You just let go.”
– Petra Ball (actress and singer/Netherlands)

“Tabea´s vocal journey is a gift for anyone who comes across it. It offers a safe ground to share and cultivate the most honest sounds and silence. A profound journey to Oneself.”
– Nuno Moreno (percussionist/Portugal)

“”I signed up for a two day programme, and enjoyed so much I did a 10 day dive after. Tabea is one of the most gifted and sincere space-holders on the island and it was a journey of tears, laughter and expansion. The group dynamic she cultivated was super-nourishing. Highly recommended!”
– Jamie (England)

“Tabea’s voice journey is among the very best workshops I’ve ever attended.
With lengthy repetition, amazing sharing and solo opportunities in a safe space, the work turns in to a shamanic experience. My throat area has opened up and I readily, easily give my voice in many circumstances now where I wouldn’t earlier. I now sing most days happily.
Tabea’s work is outstanding. It’s also a life lesson in letting go, surrendering and softening. It’s about being free.
Another great life lesson we learn is to express gratitude precisely and concisely to people in our lives and expressing what benefits we’ve derived from the fruits we’ve received.
If you’re lucky enough to be offered a place on one of Tabea’s longer workshops you should jump at it.
Anyone who seriously wants to grow and be more free in their lives should work with this angel.”
-Sam Rosen (69, Koh Phangan)

“During the journey with Tabea I discovered a part of myself which I never connected with before. I thought I couldn’t sing and discovered that the journey with my voice is about way more than singing. Life changing experience that I would love to have in a continuous way. It’s about pausing all the external noise and start building a bridge between the inside and the outside of my body. It’s about connecting with others around me in the most genuine way, having the most honest and pure conversation without words. During the experience I felt all my emotions in the most clear way and found the way to liberate them, to give them voice and space. Tabea creates the most sensitive, intimate, pure, safe space for the magic to happen. And indeed the magic happens during it all. At the end of it the desire to keep doing it as a regular part of my life showed me how many treasures and freedom I find in her journeys”
– Sofia (Tourguide/Spain)

“I came accross Tabea’s online vocal journey on facebook, it came as recommended by a friend of mine. I felt really called to join but didn’t know what to expect as I had never done anything like that before. I feel so grateful that I paid attention to my gut instincts because this course was beyond my expectations and gave me exactly what I needed and more. Tabea is a very special soul, I can feel the passion and love and commitment to her work, she really cares about her students and what they get out of the course, she ensures we step up to the plate and commit to our practice. Her teachings are so profound and the wisdom and techniques of opening the voice she shared I shall carry with me forever. I was blown away at how deep the journey went. I cried at almost every session and so much healing happened at every session. My voice since has opened up and softened and my listening in general has improved too. I feel very grateful for Tabea and her work and I highly recommend you join any of her vocal journeys, you will not be disappointed!”
– Chloe (England)