Mini Rock Fest at Simple Bar

06jul18:0021:00Mini Rock Fest at Simple Bar


06.07.2024 18:00 - 21:00


Simple Bar & Restaurant

Simple Bar & Restaurant

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Event Details

The Saturday 6th of July, we’ll have an orginal music event:

18.00 Few showcases:
– short sets for all the bands / between 5 and 20 minutes:

-3 kids/teenagers bands from the Rock club (Phangan Rock Place) will perma set, some of them for the first time on stage. They need your support !!

-After that we’ll have 3 local Bands, including one of them performing for the first time

JOHNNY CHRI$TMAS (owner of the Rock Place)


(First Song will be release soon)

20.30 : Jam

This jam is supposed to be “no cover allowed” You can play your own song, or improvise and jam

Exceptionnally The kids/teenagers who performed that night will be a bit more prioritize until 22.00. They’ll be exceptionnally allowed to do some covers if it’s theire’re choice

This event is Free, just come to support the New Music Scene in Koh Phangan