Medicine Evening Santa Maria- Sound journey

02jan19:0022:00Medicine Evening Santa Maria- Sound journey


02.01.2024 19:00 - 22:00


AUM Sound Healing Center

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🌿 **Sacred Cannabis Ceremony Invitation – Koh Phangan, Thailand** 🌿

Dear Seekers of the Herb,

You are warmly invited to immerse yourself in the sacred experience of the cannabis spirit at our mystical ceremony in the heart of Koh Phangan.
In AUM Sound Healing Center, where exploring meets spirituality,
join us for an exciting journey guided by shamanic sounds, prayer’s and the wisdom of the herb.

About the Ceremony
In a safe space an evening of meditation music and sound bath with the medicine of Santa MarΓ­a plant, in her most therapeutic form.
– A deep journey into relaxation,
– stress release, connection with our own strength and healing potential
– a dialogue between our higher self and the most hidden parts of our body on the very cellular level to harmonize emotional and physical vibration.

The ceremony will be an integration between plant medicines and medicine songs and healing vibration of sound with voice, guitar , Tibetan singing bowls, harmonium, drums, crystal bowls, Planetary Gongs.

πŸ• **Doors close at 7.30 PM.**
Join us in a harmonious celebration, weaving music and silence into the tapestry of the cosmic dance.
**🎢 Live Shamanic Music**
**πŸ™ Sing, Pray, Meditate**
**πŸ“ Location: AUM Sound Healing center
**πŸ’Έ Fee: 500 Baht**
May the cannabis spirit guide us on this sacred journey of self-discovery and unity.
RSVP to embrace the mystical experience.
With Love and Light,
Julio Aranda