"Koh Phangan Man" Movie Premiere and "Full Moon over Koh Phangan" Author Talk and Signing

21dec19:0021:00"Koh Phangan Man" Movie Premiere and "Full Moon over Koh Phangan" Author Talk and Signing


(Thursday) 19:00 - 21:00


Hemmingway's Koh Phangan

Event Details

Join us for a twin bill of literary and cinematic entertainment. Start with dinner and drinks at 7 at Hemmingway’s and get your copy of the newly published second edition paperback of “Full Moon over Koh Phangan” with author Brian Gruber signing and numbering the first 100 off the press. Brian will give a short reading and talk about the writing of the book and the interviews with 25 longtime Phanganers on their experience on the island, followed by audience Q+A.

Then an exclusive screening – the only one in Thailand – of Dewey Paul Moffitt’s “Koh Phangan Man.” After hosting a writing workshop at The Sanctuary, Mark Phinney and Brian wondered if a similar event focused on live music could be held on the island. The idea soon morphed into a Phangan version of Burning Man and the documentary tracks Mark’s expansive, chaotic, and inspiring vision made real in weeklong raucous events in two successive years. Anyone involved in those glorious experiences will be invited to share their memories and memorial tributes to Mark (RIP) after the screening.

JUST ADDED: The first public screening of Mike Last and Avner Hadash’s short film about the 2020 Koh Phangan Burning Man event that took place during Covid – an inspiring and unique moment edited by Mike and captured on film by Ross Silcocks and Maxence Minewood – featuring interviews with many well-known Phanganers!

More book and movie details are below. Signed books are 600 baht (300 baht for ebooks).


“Full Moon over Koh Phangan: What Adventurers, Dancers, and Freaks Seek and Find on Thailand’s Magic Island” is now available in paperback. The second edition offers new stories, history, perspectives, and tall tales.

What attracts Phangan’s eclectic range of adventurers? What makes this island so uniquely interesting and attractive to visitors seeking a new life, transcendence, restoration or, simply, a memorable, gorgeous respite from the world? There are many beautiful islands and tropical beaches. But there seems a special dose of magic in the island’s coves and mountains. People come for three weeks, then stay 13 years.

These 25 longtime residents share their answers to those questions.

Participants in the book include:
Gill Beddows, The Sanctuary
Joe Cummings, Lonely Planet Thailand
Daliah and Ari Barkan, Orion Healing Centre
Phra Olarn, Buddhist monk, Loyfa resort owner
Nathan Parker, Why Nam beach
Hinch, Twisted Village. Chaloklum
Prapan Daewwanich, Koh Phangan Phuiyaiban (village chief)
Robin Vos, Bubba’s Roastery
Ara Willeke, Haad Khontee
Sarana Kursakul, Coral Bungalows
Nattakit Libprapakorn, Sand & Tan
Karine and Melanie, L’Alcove
John Fitton, EcoThailand
Charlie Solares, SAGE Land and House
Suriyan Boonya, nephew of monk who established Phangan’s national park
Michal Ora, founder, Green Gallery Srithanu
Robert Van Dam, Jam Bar
Jintamard Sinlapaprommard, eco activist
Tomas Krocka, Safari Boat
Michael Doyle, The Sanctuary
Marc Guede, Kupu Kupu resort, Echo Beach
Oliver Benjamin, The Tao of the Dude
Joe Ling, Ling Sabai Bungalows
Yuval “Fluke” Birman, Wonderland Healing Center



What If You Throw A Party And Everybody Is The Entertainment?

“Koh Phangan Man” is an award-winning inspiring and celebratory documentary film about Mark Phinney, a Burning Man organizer who sets out to produce an international burn in Thailand. The film explores the unique philosophical and artistic approach of Phinney and how it transforms the lives of a small group of organizers who work with him.

The film is emotional, encouraging, and uplifting in tone, and follows the organizers through the behind-the-scenes process of creating an event in a foreign country. As they face a variety of obstacles, including bad weather and strange happenings, the central conflict and question emerges: will the festival be a success, and is it a good idea to throw a Burning Man in Thailand?

Through interviews and footage from the actual events, Koh Phangan Man shows how personal transformation and radical inclusion are at the heart of Phinney’s vision. The film powerfully illustrates how art, community, and human connection can collaboratively forge extraordinary and transformative experiences.