Kambo Cleanse- Body, Mind, Spirit

21dec09:0012:00Kambo Cleanse- Body, Mind, Spirit


21.12.2023 09:00 - 12:00


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💚Kambo is a powerful medicine that has been collected and used for a very long time by many tribes of the Amazon. There, its primary use is in combating viral and bacteria infection, bolstering the immune system greatly and clearing heavy or dense energy. Think of it as an energetic reboot in which the human system returns greatly optimized after the short body drama that occurs during a brief cleansing process.

The connection with Kambo allows for a deep emotional and physical detox. It can be extremely profound in bringing clarity to our life, opening energetic pathways, and heightening the function of our human organism, bringing the emotional and energetic body into balance. I often find it helps clear fogginess and unbalance associated with antibiotic use. As well, It is also very effective for those looking to end drug and alcohol addiction.

Please understand that this is a respected traditional medicine practice for healing and is not for those seeking some form of “trip”. To read more about Kambo please follow the link below for more information and to reserve your space in an upcoming circle. Bless! 💚

Register Here: https://www.triplevisionintent.com/kambo

Offering : 2300 Baht

*If you’re really needing kambo and in a tough financial situation, please reach out so we can discuss. Medicine is for all people, regardless of money.*

“Hi Rich I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing ceremony. I cannot tell you how different I feel after the medicine. I was listening to music yesterday and I felt my heart was exploding open with love. I feel my energy is lighter and I’m much calmer and grounded. I’m so so pleased I came. Thank you for creating such a beautiful ceremony, I felt totally safe with you and it was a beautiful experience. I am continuing with my clean eating and giving up coffee and alcohol. I am very keen to work with the medicine and you again, if you would be willing. Sending much love and gratitude” -FR
“I have had many kambo sessions by many people and Rich’s medicine is quite special. I came to the island very ill physically and lots of emotional pain. Through Rich’s guidance and support, I was able to let go a lot of things that were deep inside me. I was able to purge toxins, dark clouds and negative energies. Rich is not only articulate but very present throughout the process. His warm and welcoming support allows you to purge on a very deep level.” -AC
“My first kambo experience with another shaman was mildly terrifying and I was pretty sure I’d never do it again! But after a serious of health challenges that had me bed ridden with adrenal fatigue for 2 months and subsequent digestive issues, the frog called and along came Rich – with a big heart, solid presence and a calm hand. He offered a deep, beautiful and safe space to do this work, is genuinely connected to the medicine he serves, and brings great reverence, authenticity and guidance into his healings.” -GA