How get what you desire - sensual communication and conscious touch

06jan14:0017:00How get what you desire - sensual communication and conscious touch


(Saturday) 14:00 - 17:00



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Practice voicing your desires, boundaries, fears and intentions in a fun, playful and authentic way. Take your sensual communication to the next level by asking others to fulfil your desires within your and their boundaries. This may range from gentle touch or being held to being energetically present to sensual play. Whatever you and your group desire and feels comfortable with can be explored in a safe and tantalizing way. It’s an opportunity to test, play, and flow with your boundaries and those of your peers.

This playful intro to consent and boundaries is a foundation for other workshops on embodied intimacy and sacred $.uality coming up in January and February. Stay tuned and join our whatsapp group with more information on current and upcoming events:

*Please bring a sarong, towel, your water bottle and THB 400*

*We’re your facilitators:*

James specializes in emotional release body work and coaching along with facilitating Mens work. He is also trained as a Village Forum facilitator and has a passion to raise leaders and pass on his knowledge and skills so that we can all have better tools for healthier relating.

Anna has been fascinated by holistic health issues and the interplay of emotional, mental and physical well-being for a long time. As a tantra therapist, ISO-certified wingwave® coach, wholeception master, certified trainer for somatic intelligence, and certified hypnocoach she facilitates workshops and holds private sessions with couples and individuals. Anna loves working with the subconscious through the body to get to the root cause of issues.