GROUP THERAPY/Conscious Communication (aka NVC) Practice Group - KP15

15nov16:0018:00GROUP THERAPY/Conscious Communication (aka NVC) Practice Group - KP15


15.11.2023 16:00 - 18:00


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AAAANNNND … We’re Back!!! Happy Reu Du Fon (Rainy Season) every one.

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Wednesday 4pm at the Jungle Oasis (Close to Seed to Feed Restaurant – see below for detailed directions)

Be seen, heard, understood all the while improving your communication by discovering what your feelings and needs are!
Understand where they come from and take responsibility for them so that you’re no longer at the mercy of the world!
Manifest your desired reality! Have easier and richer relationships, and be more successful in your business, which translates into more love, being freer and making more money!! ????
And Create a Better World for Everyone!! ☮????

Take your communication to another level to improve all your relationships! Come practice with us how to more confidently and consciously create connection instead of conflict when communicating with others!

Conscious Communication builds on the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model. In addition to helping you find deeper relationship connections and better meet your needs, the Conscious Communication process leads you step by step into greater self awareness, healing and growth by cultivating the skills of Self-Empathy, Empathy For The Other Person, Self-Expression, Self-Awareness and Inner Freedom. Indeed, the more we learn to take responsibility for our own feelings instead of blaming others, the freer we become!

“Bernard, your class was really powerful for me. The way you teach resonates so much with what I’m looking for. It seems like the perfect antidote for where I’m struggling right now around not speaking my truth. And it is related to such core wounds from how I relate with my parents. And I also love the concept of how we are attracted to people that trigger these wounds – this is so current for me right now.” M, Australia


Wednesdays: 4-6pm.

IN PERSON at the Jungle Oasis (Close to Seed to Feed Restaurant, see below for detailed directions)


Intro Class is Wednesday at 1:30pm. Details here:

BRING something to write on if you want to take notes (phone is ok).


COST: 300b
Early registration is required to secure your spot:
Via WhatsApp: Bernard +14155050091

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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (also known as Compassionate Communication, Connecting Communication etc..), was developed by Marshall Rosenberg in the 1970’s.
On a basic level we are all here to survive. In order to survive we want to get our needs met (basic ones first: food, shelter etc., and later more advanced ones: love, connection, spirituality etc.)
In order to get our needs met we can learn to communicate in ways that will create connection vs disconnection. And we do that by using vulnerability to create empathy. An empathic connection is much more likely to get our needs met than an intellectual connection. When people feel heart connected, they are more likely to want to support our needs.


We start with a quick review of some principles of NVC, and we share how we’ve used it or could have used it in our lives over the past week. We may do some NVC exercises. Then everyone gets a chance to practice with a real life example. While we practice NVC, we are also in a group therapy space where we heal our relationships through better understanding of our role in their dysfunction and practice communicatioin tools to improve them. Participants usually come out of the meeting having more clarity, experiencing being heard and seen and feeling more grounded and connected among other feelings.
We will have basic NVC sheets for you to use.

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EVALUATIVE WORDS (not Feelings):



Marshall Rosenberg San Francisco workshop (3hrs)

For more information on NVC please visit the website or look it up on YouTube (there are hours of free videos available).

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A certified counselor graduate from the Interchange Counseling Institute of San Francisco, Bernard has trained extensively in the powerful work of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and supported hundreds of couples, individuals, and organizations in overcoming challenging conflicts.
He skillfully incorporates this relational shifting work into the Men’s Groups, NVC Classes and Couples Counseling that he’s been facilitating around the world for over 10 years.
He is a graduate and an assistant of Gemini Adams’ Trauma Awareness Certified 50-Hr Training.
Find out more or book a private session at:

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“Hey Bernard, I just wanted to express my appreciation for your support once again.
Going through those difficult times on our own is such a puzzle, and receiving help from you was to me like a refreshing breeze of perspectives, ideas and space for the truth to be spoken.
Thank you.”
M, Poland

“Hey Bernard, Thanks again so much for meeting yesterday, A and I had one of the best days after. I feel like you introduced/established some really healthy concepts and it felt so soothing and calming for us to reach that baseline together.”

“Thank you for your presence and guidance during this difficult time. I am very grateful that you have spent the time with us.”
S, Bangkok

Take ONLY this route, as otherwise google maps sometimes takes you to dead-ends.
From the 7/11 junction:

If driving from Sritanu, turn LEFT at the 7/11 junction (towards Seed to Feed/Wonderland direction), then take your FIRST LEFT (before reaching Seed to Feed) into a concrete road. If you’re coming from the chaloklum side, go past Seed to Feed restaurant and take the next right into a concrete road. That will go up and then down and when the concrete goes left, you will go STRAIGHT down into the dirt road, and a little bit further the dirt road will automatically take you RIGHT. There are signs for the Jungle Oasis you can follow. Continue all the way to the Google pin until you reach the house. You’ll recognise it by the two big lamps in the driveway, and the bike parking. It’s 1km from the Main Road.