Free 👥 Parts Work Workshop 👥

29nov05:0006:30Free 👥 Parts Work Workshop 👥


(Wednesday) 05:00 - 06:30


Serenity Residence

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πŸ‘₯ Discover Your Inner World: Parts Work Workshop πŸ‘₯

Embark on a fascinating journey into the depths of your psyche at my immersive Parts Work Workshop!

This event is a gateway to understanding the multifaceted dimensions of your inner self.

🌟 What is Parts Work? 🌟

Parts Work is an introspective approach that views the human psyche as a composite of different “parts” or aspects.

These parts influence our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, shaping our responses to life’s challenges.

In this workshop, we’ll learn how to discover & work with these inner components – such as the inner critic, the nurturing parent, the adventurous spirit etc.

Understanding and integrating these parts can lead to increased self-awareness, emotional resilience, and a deeper sense of wholeness.

πŸ€” Why is Parts Work Beneficial? πŸ€”

By engaging in Parts Work, you unlock the keys to self-discovery and personal growth.

Embracing and reconciling these diverse aspects within ourselves can:

1 🌱 Foster Inner Harmony 🌱
Gain a profound understanding of conflicting emotions and motivations, paving the way for inner peace and harmony.

2 🌱 Enhance Self-Acceptance 🌱
Embrace all facets of your personality with compassion, reducing self-judgement and fostering self-acceptance.

3 🌱 Empower Authentic Living 🌱
Unleash your true potential by aligning these parts toward a common purpose, empowering authentic and purposeful living.

4 🌱 Deepen Relationships 🌱
Improve communication and understanding in relationships by recognizing and empathising with the different parts in others.

Join us for this experiential workshop, featuring interactive exercises and group discussions aimed at illuminating the complex landscape of your inner world…

Whether you’re taking your first steps on this journey or seeking deeper insights, this workshop offers a safe space for exploration and growth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative quest toward self-discovery and inner harmony! 😁

The event is FREE, donations highly appreciated πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ