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21nov11:0013:30Crypto Workshop


21.11.2023 11:00 - 13:30


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Crypto feels like uncharted waters. Each headline leaves us more lost than found.

Years of volatility and hype have obscured crypto’s true potential for decentralization and empowerment.

But what if we stopped reacting and started learning?
Financial freedom begins with knowledge. Crypto may feel chaotic and complex, therefore education is key.

Since 2012, I’ve been immersed in the world of crypto – not just studying blockchain technology, but making early investments that im very happy about. Through the hype cycles, crashes and volatility, I stayed calm and kept on researching.

Join me for an field-tested workshops where we dive below the surface distractions. This isn’t about short-term gains, Day Trading or gambling on “hot” coins. Instead together, we’ll:

📋 Demystify blockchain in simple terms
📋 Explore the psychology of market cycles
📋 Unpack how decentralized systems work
📋 Outline strategic, responsible investing approaches
📋 Discover DeFi and passive income potential
📋 Identify common mistakes and how to avoid them
📋 Answer any other crypto questions on your mind!

🟨 I dont Sell crypto nor do I promote one Crypto over another.

I provide educational content tailored to the attendees.
Read the Reviews on my Page how this topic selection proved to be helpful to others

Once you grasp the fundamental frameworks for yourself, you can then chart your own informed path ahead.

With the next crypto market cycle projected for 2024, it’s wise to get ahead of the curve by acting counter-cyclically. This workshop will equip you with the foundational steps; the rest is in your hands.

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If my teaching resonates with you, you can approach me afterwards. I also offer individual sessions for tailored, step-by-step assistance in areas you find overwhelming

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🕕 6 pm (please be on time so we can start together)

🤝 Energy Exchange: 500 bht

If you have any questions you can contact me