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(Tuesday) 11:00 - 13:30


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Hey, I get it – this crypto stuff can feel overwhelming fast. One minute it’s breaking news, next your best friend won’t shut up about Bitcoin. But you’re just trying to wrap your head around if any of it really matters to your life.
Yet with inflation draining savings, policies growing more controlling, and banks profiting off data and fees, decentralized options like crypto have the potential to reshape economic dynamics. so I firmly believe this technology should and will matter to you.

So let’s tune out all that noise and started learning the essentials? Historically, the power has always in the possession of knowledge.

I’ve been in the crypto space since 2012, long enough to see hypes come and go and to learn what really lasts.
Made some good investments early on. Sure I studied a ton, but I also made my share of mistakes. Now I wanna help others avoid those pitfalls.
My workshop is a supportive space to learn, ask questions, and understand what crypto can mean for you. No jargon, no pressure – just clear insights from someone who’s been there.

Join my workshop for an eye opening crash course on crypto that I have tested and improved over the years. I’ll walk you through:

🗝️Break down blockchain basics in everyday language
🌡️ What drives those wild market swings
🪙 The power of decentralization and how it can protect you
👨‍👩‍👦 If crypto should matter to average folks like us
🌌 Learn how crypto can be more than just trading
🦉Talk about smart, cautious investing (no wild gambles)
💰Get the lowdown on earning passively with crypto
🪤 Spot traps and tricks to steer clear of trouble
❓ Answering all your burning crypto questions!

This ain’t about short-term speculation. It’s about understanding crypto’s foundations so you can feel confident making your own informed choices.

I remain project and platform neutral – no coin/token promotions, endorsements or affiliate links. Education only

Cut through appearances, legitimize workshop quality by examining reviews, all student insights linked here are validated by Facebook.

So if you wanna get equipped with crypto building blocks without getting overwhelmed, come check out my workshop. I’ve got a decade of experience to share and wanna pass it on in simple words everyone can digest.

📍 Location (Tantra Movement School)

🕕 6 pm (please be on time so we can start together)

🤝 Energy Exchange: 400 bht

If you have any questions you can contact me