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21mar09:3013:00Connection Event


(Thursday) 09:30 - 13:00


Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center

Event Details

Conscious Connection workshop:

How many of us are aware of our connections?
We are all longing to connect. That’s why we are here.
To connect:
-Within ourselves: Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine.
-With your (future?) partner.
-With Nature, Universe and all.
We are all one. We would love to guide you to experience it.
We invite you to consciously connect beyond “facebook friendship”, and beyond <3 just through the internet.
Is it a better way of celebrating?

We love to share with you.

Connecting evenings

Those evenings’ main intentions are to connect with another being deeper than just for one exercise or shallow talk. As longer and more conscious we relate, our connection is more profound, so everything has an amplified effect.

That’s also why the next intention is to connect with the idea of joining our following few days retreat/course, where you may connect longer and even deeper.

As Tantra is about the connection on all dimensions, our intention is the same. We would love you connect with All Aspects of yourself, love, tantra, and life. We wish you connect with your body, heart, mind, and spirit, with your masculine and feminine, with your inner child and your whole inner crowd and universe.

We also wish that you would connect with one of the evening subjects what could be: boundaries, taste of tantra, male and female energies and connection.

Costs /

Early Bird:
(It has to be paid one month before the event)
400 THB per person
600 THB per couple

Normal Price:
500 THB per person
800 THB per couple

Whenever this would be really too much and you would really like to join, do not hesitate to find an easy solution with us

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