04feb09:0018:30BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING with Edward & Prema


04.02.2024 09:00 - 18:30


Sritanu, Koh Phangan, Thailand

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with Edward & Prema

120+ hour Teacher Training.
4th ~ 20th February 2024
This will be held in a beautiful quiet location in SriThanu in Koh Phangan, Thailand.
Limited places.

THIS TRAINING will include:

✨ Mental Programming, where it comes from and what we are holding
✨ Working with the Inner Child
✨ Working with Forgiveness processes
✨ Working with Chakras, Energy and Breathwork
✨ Sexuality, Tantra and Breathwork
✨ Awakening and Breathwork
✨ What is your Life Purpose and how to Manifest that
✨ How to Guide breathwork sessions and all the things to look out for
✨And so much more

Whether you wish to work as a breathwork facilitator or just go much deeper into Rebirthing Breathwork itself, this will be a very detailed and in-depth Intensive Training. You will be empowered with both theory and practical elements to guide people through this powerful process. You will recieve a 100 Hours Training Certificate on completion of the course.

REBIRTHING BREATHWORK is a powerful transformative conscious energy breathing technique. It is the most powerful tool for releasing old trauma, conditioning and negative patterns, that we have ever found.

Breathwork works on the Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual levels. It bring up to the conscious level all the unconscious & unresolved patterns, issues and conditioning that you have.

It can also:
✨Release physical tension, stress and anxiety
✨Heal old emotional wounds and trauma
✨Connects you with your deepest inner truth, as it accesses altered states of consciousness
✨Boosts confidence and awareness, and trust in yourself
✨Brings you to a deeper inner peace
✨Receive deeper insight into your life purpose
✨Cleanses and purifies your energetic body and Chakras, and is a must for those interested in Tantra

Many people feed-back that Rebirthing Breathwork is the most powerfully transformative experience of their lives.

If you are feeling the readiness to embark on this life-changing journey with us, we are excited to hear from you.

There will be a Vegan buffet lunch included at the venue each day.
There will be 2 full days off.

Investment: 2,100euros

A deposit of 700€ needs to be paid to safe your place
The remainder needs to be paid by 1 month prior to the course starting.

Can be paid to: Thai, US or European Bank accounts.



Edward has been on a personal spiritual journey for more than 30 years. Exploring Meditation, Non-Duality, Tantra, Past life regression, and many other aspects of Spirituality. He spent a lot of time with a teacher in India and moved to Thailand in 2005
Edward Trained in Rebirthing Breathwork with the founder of Rebirthing, Leonard Orr in 2013. He is also trained in Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Tantra, Past Life Regression, Massage, Vortex Healing and Reiki, etc.

Edward started working with Breathwork 10 years ago.
He started the first Rebirthing Breathwork drop-in group here in Koh Phangan, 9 years ago.

For 6 years, Edward has also been co-hosting 6 day Breathwork retreats and 3 day Tantric Breathwork workshops, in both Europe and Thailand.


Prema encountered the transformational healing powers of Breathwork in 2011. A few years later she met Edward on Koh Phangan, and started working him. Edward and Prema guided thousands of people through deep and profound healing processes in group sessions, workshops and retreats.

As a teenager inspired by Osho Rajneesh’s teachings, she left Germany in the age of 18. Her travels became more and more an inside journey. Prema spend many years in the Jungles, Temples and Ashrams in South East Asia, immersed in sacred teachings. Until today she is exploring spiritual modalities and trainings in healing such as Breathwork, Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Chi Kung. Prema gave birth to her twin daughters in 2019 and lives with her family in Alentejo, Portugal.

She works as a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, Tantra Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and as Sexuality, Love and Relationship Coach.

With her qualifications and experiences she brings an intuitive wisdom into the Breathwork sessions, in which each individual is held with love and safety.

For bookings email: [email protected]

Facebook: Edward Breathwork
Text or WA on: +66 888 19 59 85

Facebook: Prema Julia
What’s App: +4915772399304