AUM day. Magic evening

30nov18:0023:00AUM day. Magic evening


(Thursday) 18:00 - 23:00



Event Details

🧘 AUM CHANTING Meditation πŸ”₯

Go deeper to feel the magic of the island
You are welcome to the sacred space of koh Phangan.

Lets continue co-creating magic!

The idea of AUM day is to gather as many people as possible to chant all together sacred vibration of AUM around the fire πŸ”₯

What is waiting for you?

Professional musician’s jam with a variety of instruments such as guitars, didgeridoo, drums, voice and others.

β€’ Hot sauna and ice bath
β€’ Comfort space around the fire
β€’ Cafe with vegetarian delicious food and drinks
β€’ AUM chanting around the fire
β€’ The most powerful Gong meditation with several Gongs

AUM sound healing center each time something new!


6 pm – Sauna with Ice bath
7.30 pm – Jam session (special part 1)
9.30 pm – AUM chanting
10 pm – Power of Gongs
10.30 pm – Shanty vibe, cozy atmosphere of relaxation

300 thb / with repost 200 thb only