3 Day Breathwork Intensive Workshop

04jan(jan 4)09:0006(jan 6)18:303 Day Breathwork Intensive Workshop


4 (Thursday) 09:00 - 6 (Saturday) 18:30


Ananda Yoga & Detox Center

Ananda Yoga & Detox Center

Event Details

✨ Reconnect to the sense of liberation and inner peace. ✨

🌈 Join us for an immersive 3-Day Breathwork Intensive Workshop at Ananda Yoga & Detox Centre, from January 4-6, 2024. This workshop is a journey of profound self-exploration, awakening and healing, designed for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and unlock new levels of emotional and spiritual well-being.

🌿 What Can You Expect?

✨ Diverse Breathwork Practices: Experience various forms of breathwork including Holotropic Breathwork, Breathwork in Water, So Ham Breathwork & others. These practices offer powerful ways to release emotional blockages, enhance self-awareness, and facilitate deep healing.

🌿 Dynamic and Still Meditations: Engage in both active practices like Osho Dynamic Meditation and tranquil sessions of Trataka Meditation, balancing energy, and fostering mental clarity and awareness.

💞 Holistic Tantra and Bio-Development: Explore the integration of movement, connection, and expression through Bio-Development and Tantra practices. These sessions are designed to help you reconnect with your inner self and others in a profound and meaningful way.

💕 Personal Growth and Community Connection: Each day brings opportunities for personal growth, self-expression, and creating deep connections with a community of like-minded individuals.

💫 What Will You Gain?

💫 Emotional Release and Healing: Through the various breathwork and meditation practices, you will have the opportunity to release deep-seated emotional tensions and traumas, leading to a sense of liberation and inner peace.

💫 Enhanced Self-Awareness: The workshop is structured to help you gain insights into your inner world, promoting a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

💫 Mind-Body Harmony: The combination of physical activities, breathwork, and meditative practices will enhance the harmony between your mind and body, leading to improved overall well-being.

✨ About the Facilitator:

✨ Zivile started her Breathwork journey 5 years ago, following the loss of her mother. At that time, she was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. She was struggling to fit into “normal” life and feel the happiness and joy of living. Zivile has then discovered Breathwork and other self development practices, that helped her to reconnect with herself and discover the true happiness and purpose of life.

✨ Zivile has since changed her life path completely and left 11 years of life and career back in London and moved to Koh Phangan to teach Breathwork and help others to reconnect with themselves and find their own purpose.

Her gentle encouragement to let go of performance-driven and goal oriented mindsets creates an atmosphere of acceptance and self-love.

She has also been sharing these amazing practices in Dominican Republic, Dubai and Lithuania.

🌈 Spaces are Limited!

💸 Price: 9900 Baht (259 Euro). Includes a small gift and Buffet lunch each day.

Secure your spot in this transformative journey and be a part of an unforgettable experience of growth, healing, and connection.