11/11 New Moon Portal Cacao Blessing

11nov19:0022:0011/11 New Moon Portal Cacao Blessing


11.11.2023 19:00 - 22:00


The Yoga House Cafe

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Hello Family!

Let’s come home together on this portal 11/11 that is opening up for us. It’s a magical manifesting day; rebirth, unlocking a rapid flow of energy.
1+1 creates a doorway passage, let’s open the doors of our consciousness in CommUNITY.

✨ I would like to introduce us;

Ignacio owns a chocolate factory in Mexico where he prepares organic ceremonial cacao. He is a multi instrumentalist musician and through songs of the world he connects with Divine Love.

Rebecca is a healer, she naturally guides ceremonies and uses her voice to unify and inspire. Her prayer portal connect to the mother earth into a state of divine gratitude.

✨ About our cacao ceremonies;

Cacao is a sacred heart opening medicine.
Music is considered to unify all tribes from the world.
Through ancient Mayan practices, a prayer to the elements; together we open a path of light, peace and wisdom.

We are bringing these transformative treasures from Mexico; Cacao, Copal, Ancient wisdom related to cacao.

Join my beloved family to receive this beautiful New Moon Portal energy and to manifest from the heart the magic of music.

Everyone is welcome, kids as well.

Bring your instruments.

Time: 7pm

Location: The Yoga House

Cost: 350THB

Together we open a conversation between our heart and the universe.

May all the beings be happy.