💫☀️ Enrich Spiritual Knowledge Through Vedic Astrology🌙✨

07jan(jan 7)15:0014(jan 14)23:30💫☀️ Enrich Spiritual Knowledge Through Vedic Astrology🌙✨


7 (Sunday) 15:00 - 14 (Sunday) 23:30


Yoga Retreat Koh Phangan

Event Details

Detailed Vedic astrology teachings
Yoga and meditation practices
Insights into planetary significance
Group discussions and community sharing
Time for relaxation and introspection

Pricing List:
1000 THB Daily
5000 THB for the Full Week

Full Program:

Sunday 07th January
Program: SUN and its meaning and significations
Light, Ego, Soul, Consciousness, Authority, and Fatherly Figure Relationship.

Monday 08th January
Program: MOON
Mind, Opinions, Desires, Emotions, Menstrual Cycle and Motherly Figure Relationship.

Tuesday 09th January
Program: MARS
Energy, Passion, Courage, Ambition, Physical Expression in the World.

Wednesday 10th of January
Program: MERCURY
Intellect, Discrimination, Communication, Writing and Expressive Abilities, Calculation and Languages.

Thursday 11th January
Program: JUPITER
Good Luck, Optimism, Children, Spirituality, Teacher Figure, Growth and Expansion.

Friday 12th January
Program: VENUS
Beauty, Love, Receptivity, Sexuality, Orgasm and Pleasure.

Saturday 13th
Program: SATURN
Negativity, Pessimism, Time, Obstacles, Diseases, Death, and Blessings.

Saturday Night, from January 13th to 14th of January
Shadow Work: Chaos, Transformation, Eclipses, Obsessions, Maya, Amplification, Distortion, and Liberation.