05.01.2024 15:30 - 18:00



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Welcome to this creative workshop to create your Spiritual Journal on Friday 5/01/24 in Love Space Koh Phangan from 3.30-6 pm.

🌹What is a Spiritual Journal?

It is a beautiful diary for Self-Growth, Manifestation & Creativity!

It is a customized journal that can help you set monthly goals, and positive affirmations, be organized, feel grateful & get to know yourself deeper!

It is a mix of Art Journal, Bullet Journal, Mood & Cycle Tracker, Personal Diary & much more…

You will have the opportunity to write your main goals for 2024 with a clear idea about what you wish to manifest in the 8 aspects of your life: Body, Love, Relationship, Family, Work-purpose, Finances, Self-Growth & Self-Love.

We use the art of collage to decorate your journal with beautiful images.

🌹What to expect?

– You will customize the cover of your Spiritual Journal with a choice of gorgeous images.
– Create a personal structure that is useful & meaningful to you among different themes: goals setting, affirmation, gratitude journal, mood/moon cycle, diary…
You can add anything that is useful to you or already practice!
Everything is a suggestion but you only keep what is useful to you!
– Decorate the inside of your journal with beautiful images to express your creativity & open your heart.

🌹 Benefits

1 ) Be organized having everything in one place.
2 ) Help you set goals & be more efficient.
3 ) Create a Blissipline (discipline that comes from doing things you love)
4 ) Be mindful about the connection between your feelings, cycle & the moon.
5 ) Raise your vibration by practicing gratefulness
6) Have a positive mindset & energy thanks to positive affirmations to manifest what you want.
7 ) Have quality time with yourself, self-love
8 ) Activate your parasympathetic nervous system to calm down
9 ) Express your creativity & create beauty

🌹Who is it for?

– Anyone who likes creativity, scrapbooking, collage, art, painting
– Anyone who likes self-growth & wants to get to know oneself better
– Yogis, Meditators, Artists…
– Anyone who needs to be more organized or wants to avoid losing & having tones of paper notes all over the place.
– Anyone who likes to have quality time with yourself.

🌹What is included?

– 8 beautiful pages of different images (B5-A5) that you can choose from a large variety of images:
– In this large variety of images you will find: 12 months’ cover, 12 mood trackers, an index, and gorgeous pictures of Yoga, Meditation, Art, Nature, Love
– Supplies to journal: pen, glue, scissors, color makers

🌹 What is not included?

– Journal: bring your journal or BUY ONE ON THE SPOT !
– Available on spot: good quality journals with a hardcover and 160 pages. Price : 200 THB
– Recommendation for Journal: Size: B5 (between A5-A4), spiral with hardcover & many pages. You can also use A5 but less convenient.
– Possibility to add more images

🌹 Where
Love Space: beautiful private room in Sushi Love restaurant


🌹Energy Exchange

Drop-in: 600 THB
Bring a friend: 550 THB each

🌹 Who is the facilitator?

Khala is a very creative soul. She shares her years of experience through a variety of Creative Workshops in Koh Phangan.

She has created & been practicing the “Spiritual Journal” for over a decade, improving the tools for manifestation & self-growth over the years.
She also facilitates « Create your 2024 Vision Board », « Create your Mala Necklace” & “Meditation with Crystal Bowls” in Orion & other places.

She is a 450hrs certified Yoga and meditation teacher since 2010 and helps people to feel good in their body & mind.